Silver Crypto Currency Comparison

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We discovered some very interesting similarities between crypto currencies and silver bullion. I’d like to share with you some of those discoveries, especially how they might offer an investment opportunity that parallels and compliments the fundamentals of precious metals stacking.

Crypto currencies like Bitcoin and the many other altcoins out there are a potential digital form of wealth!

There are over 1000 in existence with Bitcoin being the first and is considered to be the standard by which all other crypto currencies are measured.

Virtual currencies are also known as tokens or altcoins. Because Bitcoin was the original crypto currency it is not referred to as an altcoin like the others.

Cryptos are also very fractionalized. Bitcoin can be divisible down to 8 decimal places.

So, you can actually buy one millionth of a coin if you wish. One very positive aspect to digital currencies is that regardless of the fractional amount you choose to purchase there is no additional charge or premium.

Bitcoin and all cryptos only have one market determined unit price regardless of whether you have a million units or one millionth of a unit.

Stacking both silver and cryptos could be an answer to how we take care of our families during the turbulent times to come! There is great risk for sure, but there also is great potential for reward.

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